Green Urban-Industrial Development in Ethiopia

As part of EDRI’s seminar series a research paper titled ‘Green Urban-Industrial Development in Ethiopia: A Review and Policy Implications’ was presented on 15th of September 2017 by Firew Bekele (PhD) and Berihu Assefa (PhD), research fellows at EDRI. 


Firew Bekele (PhD)          Berihu Assefa (PhD)


Using CSA Medium and Large Scale Manufacturing Census data and other complementary information, we conducted green growth assessment of the key priority sectors to highlight where relative strengths and risks are in terms of economic, social and environmental performance. Based on the assessments, we propose some key green growth interventions that can be prioritized within the priority sectors and the sub-sectors where they are likely to be most effective and support Ethiopia to meet its GTP II targets and develop sectors that are higher in productivity and lower in carbon intensity compared to a scenario of “no intervention”. We have also reviewed the role of agglomeration for industrial growth in relation to Ethiopia’s priority sectors. Finally, we have taken the industrial development in Kombolcha and Addis Ababa to make an assessment and recommendation for climate compatible urbanization in fast industrializing cities.


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