SME Finance in Ethiopia: Project Impact Evaluation

The government of Ethiopia (GOE) in partnership with a multi-donor community is initiating SME Finance Project (SMEFP) to promote growth of SMEs in Ethiopia through access to finance and business development services. The project intends to reach over 4,000 SMEs in the manufacturing, agro-processing, construction and tourism sectors, and will be implemented by the Government of Ethiopia through the Ministry of Industry. One component of the SMEFP is impact evaluation of the program providing finance and business development services to SMEs. 

The World Bank and the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) are partnering to jointly undertake the impact evaluation studies. The SMEFP impact evaluation project will run for three years (Jan 2017 – Dec. 2019). The World Bank team will provide technical assistance in survey design and engage in analysis and dissemination. EDRI, on the other hand, will administer the data collection (12,000 questionnaire/enterprises) and take part in the research design, instruments development, empirical analysis, and facilitate the dissemination of outputs. 

The Principal Investigator and Co-investigator for this project is Dr. Mulu Gebreeyesus, and Dr. Tigabu Degu, both are research fellows at EDRI. 


Principal Investigator

Dr. Mulu Gebreeyesus


Dr. Tigabu Degu


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