Working Papers

Working Papers

EDRI Working Paper 001: Tourist Flows and its Determinants in Ethiopia 

EDRI Working Paper 002: Analysis of Changes in Food Consumption Patterns in Urban Ethiopia 

EDRI Working Paper 003: Fertilizer Consumption and Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 004: Road Sector Development and Economic Growth in Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 005: Economic and Environmental Benefits of Forage Legume-Cereal Intercropping in the Mixed Farming System: A Case Study in West Gojam, Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 006: Does Electricity Supply Strategy Matter? Shortage and Investment: Reflections based on CGE Analysis

EDRI Working Paper 007: Environmental Resource Collection versus Children’s Schooling: Evidence from Tigray, Northern Ethiopia 

EDRI Working Paper 008: Implications of Oil Price Shocks and Subsidizing Oil Prices to the Ethiopian Economy: A CGE Analysis

EDRI Working Paper 009: Ownership, Management Practices, Upgrading, and Productivity in the Metalworking Sector: Evidence from Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 010: Total Factor Productivity and Technical Efficiency in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector

EDRI Working Paper 011: High Hopes and Limited Successes: Experimenting with Industrial Policies in the Leather Industry in Ethiopia 

EDRI Working Paper 012: The case for industrial policy and its application in the Ethiopian cut flower sector

EDRI Working Paper 013: State-Inducement versus Self-Initiation: A Comparative Study of Micro and Small Enterprises in Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 014: An Economic Inquiry into Ethiopian Exports: Pattern, Characteristics, Dynamics and Survival 

EDRI Working Paper 015: Coffee Income, Food Security and Diet Diversity of Smallholder Coffee Growers in Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 016: Subjective Wellbeing and Institutions: The Case of Rural Ethiopia

EDRI Working Paper 017: Why export promotion efforts failed to deliver? Assessment of the export incentives and their implementation in Ethiopia 

EDRI Working Paper 018: Global Value Chains and Development of Light Manufacturing in Ethiopia   

EDRI Working Paper 019: Ethiopia’s export promotion and the misalignment of the tariff and exchange rate regimes