Issue Papers

Issue Papers on Structural Transformation and Industrial Policy

N0.001-2016: The return of industrial policy on the African continent and the drivers of this revival

No.002-2016: Global constraints: trade and intellectual property regulations applying to LICs; the role and power of TNCs in value chains

No.003-2016: Rethinking growth strategies in LICs: the need to achieve strategic planning and political stability

No.004-2016: The imperative of competitiveness and the logic of comparative advantage

No.005-2016: What are the instruments of industrial policy?

No.006-2016: Strategic Pragmatism in production transformation: production capability domains, structural composition and intermediate institutions

No.007-2016: How do agricultural policy and agrarian transformations contribute to the success of industrial policy? Conceptual and policy notes

No.008-2016: Effective Industrial Policy: Tariffs, Rents and Capabilities

No.009-2016: What are the best avenues to build industrial capabilities: FDI or domestically-owned enterprises?

No.010- 2016: What is the role of national development banks in late industrialization?

No.011- 2016: Macroeconomic policies and structural transformation: exchange rate management