EDRI’s Biniam E. Bedasso won the 2016 African Author Prize

The 2016 African Author prize was awarded to Biniam E. Bedasso by the prize committee, which included the editors of African Affairs, the Director of the Royal African Society, Richard Dowden, and the President of the African Studies Association of the UK, David Maxwell.

Despite strong competition from other excellent articles, the paper by Biniam won out for three reasons. First, it takes on and engages with the existing literature in an interesting and challenging way. Second, it is theoretically ambitious and sophisticated. Third, it successfully integrates theory and empirical material in a way that is powerful and persuasive. We are sure that the article will go on to shape the literature on Kenya and beyond.

You can access the full article here.


Source: African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society’s Facebook page


Biniam Egu Bedasso (PhD): is a research fellow at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute and leads the institute’s Program on Structural Transformation and Industrial Policy (STIP).  Read more here.



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