Biniam Egu Bedasso: Publications

Articles in refereed journals

          “A Dream Deferred: the microfoundations of direct political action in pre- and post-democratization South Africa” (with Nonso Obikili), Journal of Development Studies (2016), 50(1)


          “Educated bandits: endogenous property rights and intra-elite distribution of human capital”, Economics & Politics (2015), 27(3): 404-432.


          “Ethnicity, intra-elite differentiation and political stability in Kenya”, African Affairs (2015), 114(456): 361-381.


Conditionally accepted articles

          “Blood is Thicker than Water: the economic and institutional foundations of the salience of ethnicity in Kenya”, Review of African Political Economy.


Book chapters

          “Health inequities in selected African countries: Review of evidence and policy implications” (with G. Mutangadura, A. Gauci, B. Armah, E. Woldemariam, and D. Ayalew), Proceedings of the African Economic Conference 2007, Paris: Economica, pp. 507-536.


Peer-reviewed working papers

          “Does Education Promote Stable Property Rights”, ERSA Working Paper Series, No. 380, 2013.


          “Political Transition in a Small Open-Economy: Retracing the economic trails of South Africa’s long walk to democracy”, ERSA Working Paper Series, No. 458, 2014.


          “College Major Choice, Spatial Inequality and Elite Formation: Evidence from South Africa”, ERSA Working Paper Series, No. 547, 2015.


 Other working papers

          “Investing in education as means and as an end: exploring the micro-foundations of the MDGs”, UNECA discussion paper, No.3, 2008.


          “Lords of Uhuru: the political economy of elite competition and institutional change in post-independence Kenya”,UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series, No. 2012-042, 2012.



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