Last Round Workshop

Last Round Workshop on Climate Resilient Strategy for Key Agricultural Export Commodities in Ethiopia

EDRI organized the last round of workshop on Climate resilient strategy for key agricultural export commodities in Ethiopia on January 12, 2014 in its conference room.  The workshop opened with remarks from H. E. Kare Chawicha, State Minister, Environment and Forest.

The workshop was aimed at briefing the findings of the study which EDRI researchers have been undertaking for the past 16 months in the Northwest lowlands and Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia.

The first session of the workshop started with Dr. Alebel’s brief of the workshop background followed by Dr. Geremew Sahilu and Dr. Agzew Nigussie’s presentation of Climate Modelling.   The session continued with Dr. Kidane Georgis presenting on “Adaptation of agronomic technologies of and practices for increased sugarcane and cotton production under climate change.”       

The part of the project on “value chain and governance of cotton and sugarcane” was presented by Dr. Berihu Assefa and Ato Mezgebe Mihiretu. The presentations were accompanied by discussions which brought insightful comments from participants.

In the afternoon session presentations were made on “vulnerability to climate change risk in cotton and sugarcane producing regions of Ethiopia” by Dr. Firew Bekele, “Productivity and welfare impact of climate change on cotton and sugarcane producing regions of Ethiopia” after which discussions were held between participants and presenters. Finally, Dr. Alebel presented “Adaptation options for a climate resilient production of cotton and sugarcane” based on the findings of the project.

Dr. Tewolde Berhan G. Egziabher, Director General of the Environmental Protection Authority, Ethiopia chaired and facilitated the sessions.